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In light of the State of Connecticut and UConn making the decision to reduce faculty and staff working in public locations, our Extension offices are closed. If you need to get program materials, please call or email the person you trying to visit as they are working remotely if you need to get program materials. Please visit us at

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Litchfield County 4-H News!

In light of the State of Connecticut and UConn making the decision to reduce faculty and staff working in public locations, our Extension offices are closed. If you need to get program materials, please call or email the person you trying to visit as they are working remotely if you need to get program materials. Please visit us at

Questions related to 4-H?
Contact Bill Davenport at

Litchfield County 4-H Fair
The 2020 4-H Fair will be held on Aug 1st & 2nd, 2020 at the Goshen Fairgrounds (Rt. 63) in Goshen, CT. 

Click here for Fairbook: 

2019 Fair Book - updated

4/3/20 Newsletter - See the emailed newsletter for all links and attachments
Please see the press release below, it is also attached and called “4-H Offers Resources”. This is a culmination of 4-H activities designed by the UConn 4-H team to help give 4-H members some 4-H related things to do while home until we can meet again. Please click on each item for more information on how to get involved! There is a virtual trivia challenge held on Wednesday evenings, beginning next Wednesday, April 8th, there is a 4-H Calendar Photography Contest, and many other cool ideas and activities to remain active in 4-H without face to face meetings. Please take advantage of all of them! Also, please click on where it says “Parents and families with children” to access the constantly updated UConn Extension site for more ideas and activities, as well as updated information on the current situation.

UConn Extension’s 4-H Youth Program Offers Virtual Activities and Programs

Calling all youth! UConn 4-H is excited to announce a suite of virtual activities and programs for youth. Our 4-H youth educators have shifted their programming online to help youth adapt to the current situation, and continue their involvement with 4-H.
*The UConn 4-H Challenges are two separate contests – a food art challenge and an upcycle challenge. All entries are due by April 17th and can be submitted on social media using the contest hashtag or submitted on the contest website. Youth must be a 4-H member to participate, and can join online. 
*The 4-H Virtual Trivia Challenge is an eight-week competition for 4-H members using the online Quizziz platform. Each week, 4-H members will join others in their age group – novice, junior, or senior – to answer the questions. The scoreboard will be updated weekly on the website, and youth with the highest scores in each division at the end of the competition on May 27th will receive a prize. Youth must be a 4-H member to participate, and can join online.
*The UConn 4-H Calendar Photography Contest is open to all 4-H members. Youth who are not enrolled in 4-H but want to participate can become an individual 4-H member by joining online. All photos entered in the contest must be related to the youth’s 4-H project and submitted by June 1st.
*The 4-H Horse Judging and Hippology (horse science) programs are offering youth online resources to learn and practice their skills. Resources are available for all age groups – novice, junior, and senior. A 4-H horse activity book has activities for youth including puzzles, quizzes, and activities.
Parents and families with children out of school can use the other resources available from our UConn 4-H program to provide new educational activities for youth. Keep youth engaged and learning with new materials. We have resources for a variety of age groups.

UConn 4-H is the youth development program of UConn CAHNR Extension. 4-H is a community of over 6 million young people across America who are learning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), leadership, citizenship, and life skills through their 4-H project work. 4-H provides youth with the opportunity to develop lifelong skills including civic engagement and healthy living.

UConn CAHNR Extension has more than 100 years' experience strengthening communities in Connecticut and beyond. Extension programs address the full range of issues set forth in CAHNR's strategic initiatives:
Ensuring a vibrant and sustainable agricultural industry and food supply
Enhancing health and well-being locally, nationally, and globally
Designing sustainable landscapes across urban-rural interfaces
Advancing adaptation and resilience in a changing climate.
Programs delivered by Extension reach individuals, communities, and businesses in each of Connecticut's 169 municipalities.
Please be sure to check out additional UConn Extension COVID resources including virtual learning. There are several activities listed for 4-H members to do from home on this page. Here's the link to the page:
Regarding 4-H events happening in the next few weeks, please check the list below for the status of upcoming 4-H events. As of today, we are still hopeful to meet on May 6th at our normally scheduled May meeting, I will update the status of that meeting later this month.  
I would advise each volunteer/leader to use their own judgement on either continuing meetings virtually with Skype if necessary to meet or just postpone meetings until we get through this and get more directives from UConn in the near future. In early May, I will let everyone know if anything has changed by then.
Updated list of 4-H calendar of events with status as of 4/3/20, along with upcoming adjusted deadlines:
(Was to be held on) March 14th: Dairy/Beef Day  POSTPONED until May 16th
May 6th: NEW DEADLINE for Fair book design and t-shirt design contest 
April 4th: Goat Day, POSTPONED until October 24th
April 15th: 4-H Citizenship Day POSTPONED until further notice
April 22nd: Family Dinner Night at Litchfield Community Center: Cancelled
April 29th: Litchfield County 4-H Recruitment Open House at Litchfield Community Center: Cancelled
May 6th: Fair Association Meeting, still on, fingers crossed, will update status in late April
May 20th: Family Dinner Night at Litchfield Community Center: Cancelled
May 27th:  Food Insecurity Forum at the Litchfield Community Center, 7 pm, still on as of today
June 3rd: Fair Association Meeting, 7 pm

Regarding deadlines that are fast approaching: (These deadlines are still accurate) 
(NOTE: All verification forms have been updated for this year so please go to the UCONN 4-H page to download the latest forms to be submitted, do not use old copies you may have)
May 1st: Campership Funds applications due (postmarked by May 1) (application attached)
May 1st: Verification forms and lease forms for dairy, equine, and beef due (postmarked by May 1)
May 6th: New deadline for the fair book cover design and t-shirt design contest, entries to be brought to the May 6th Fair association meeting to be judged and voted on
May 6th: Friends of 4-H Ad Campaign ads due date, please bring to the May 6th Fair Association meeting (ad form attached)
May 15th: 4-H Scholarship applications due (postmarked by May 15) (application attached, MUST use this new form)
June 1: Verification forms for all other animals due (postmarked by June 1)

June 1: Morris Scholarship application due (This is for any 4-H member who has participated in the Big E 4-H program, see attached application)
Operation: Learn by Teaching Video ContestThanks to Izzy Ford for coming up with a great idea for 4-H members to “Learn by Teaching” by creating an submitting a video demonstrating some skills you have learned with your 4-H project. Please see the attached Video Contest Flyer and submit your video of you teaching a skill learned with your 4-H project. Entries are due by May 1, email to Because this is such a great idea, the UConn 4-H team has embraced this and has decided to have all counties involved so that members in each county can submit their videos to their 4-H educator. Litchfield County will have their own contest with prizes in addition to the state wide contest. All 4-H educators will be collecting and sharing their videos for the state wide contest as well. Please click on this link to learn more:

County-Wide Food Drive for Food Pantries
Help us get Operation Community Impact into action! (Please see attached “food drive” flyer)
Our Litchfield County 4-H theme for 2020 is Operation Community Impact, which was voted on at our January 4-H Fair Association meeting, months before this current crisis even existed. The purpose is to celebrate and highlight the ongoing community service and civic engagement aspect of 4-H.  Now, more than ever before, 4-H members and families are needed to help make a difference in our communities during this time.
First collection is Friday, 4/3/20, drop off food items in bags between 8:00 am and 10:00 am at the front door of the 4-H office. I will deliver the food to a local food pantry at 10:00 am.
Collections will be every Monday and Friday, 8:00 am to 10:00 am each day, and I will deliver whatever gets dropped off at 10:00 am each day.

Friend of 4-H Ad Campaign
We fully understand that 4-H members cannot go out to solicit ads at this time and that local businesses are suffering so we are expecting to have many less ads turned in in the next few weeks. However, the ad form is attached and anything members can do remotely to help raise funds for our fair would be greatly appreciated. Tentative deadline for ads is May 6th at the next fair meeting, however the deadline can be more flexible this year since we are printing the fair book in house and have more leeway on deadlines for printing the ads in the fair book.
Our goal is to print the books and have them ready to distribute at the June 3rd fair meeting, so the latest we could get ads would be May 20th or so. More on that later but see what you can do to get some support for our fair through this campaign.  

Fair Book Edits
Copies of each department’s fair book pages were sent out last month to club leaders to select their superintendents and then edit the pages for the department and then email me back the edited ages for the fair book, along with the superintendents names for the book. I have received a few, but need many more so please get those to me by April 15th if possible.

Free “Serve Safe” Training
ServSafe is offering free Food Handler certification through April 30th. This certification is great to have several volunteers, parents and older teens to have since many work in our fair food booth. So please take a few minutes if you can to complete the online training provided here at this link for free until April 30. This certification is also good to have in case any youth work in a food service type business in the future. Thanks for your help!

Link for training

Thanks for your patience reading all of this. I will also put some information on our county website as well as face book. As always, stay safe and please email me if you have any questions. Thanks, Bill