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2020 New London County 4-H Exhibition

New London County 4-H Fair/Expo
Summer 2020

A message from Sara T, NLC 4-H Fair President:

After careful deliberation and research, the New London County Fair Association has voted to hold a virtual exhibition in place of our traditional fair for 2020. The outcome of this difficult decision was firmly rooted in ensuring the safety and well being of our 4-H community. A virtual exhibition will enable New London County to meet its objectives of providing an opportunity for members to showcase their hard work in the safest, most inclusive, and most fiscally responsible way. Although the fair may not look the same as it has, the Fair Association is working to prepare and develop an alternative exhibition that will highlight growth, proficiency, and accomplishments in our 4-H community. The form this exhibition will take is to be further discussed.

2020 New London County 4-H Exhibition Memory Book

    All 4-H'ers in New London County are welcome at the Fair! It doesn't matter if you are in a community-based club, an afterschool program, or a science program.

Due Aug 3: My 4-H Experience Submission:

Submission Component Guidelines

Your submission will enable you to highlight your growth, proficiency, and knowledge of your project area this year. It is a representation of your project. Please think about what you want to show your fellow 4-H’ers and the public. You may want to share your story, your animal, your project, or your growth. The submission component for the exhibition will be due July 26, 2020.
Be CREATIVE and have FUN!!

Why is it important to submit an entry?

Our fair and Exhibition is an opportunity for all the 4-H’ers to show off what they have done and learned in the last year. Come next summer this entry will show your progress towards your goals. We share with each other our ups and our downs. These submissions are a way to share our 4-H experience this year even when keeping us connected is a challenge. By viewing each other's entries and taking part we are keeping our 4-H family connected.

What are your options?

You can submit one of the following options: video, poster, speech, slideshow, pictures, demonstration, research project, prezi, or even your record book. If you do not like these ideas feel free to come up with your own.

What can you focus on?

Some areas you may want to focus on are a new skill, growth, activities, past and present accomplishments in your project area. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about a certain part of your project area and share your newfound knowledge. This is a good chance to brush up on your record keeping skills and get ahead for next year. You can focus on one project or all of your projects. It is not necessarily about your project but also can be about your personal growth this past year.

What guidelines do you need to follow?

● One submission per 4-Her
● Videos no more than 2 minutes in length
● Slideshows and prezis should last no longer than 2 minutes in length
● Speeches and demonstrations should last no more than 2 minutes in length
● If you choose to submit a poster you should only submit one poster
● A max of 10 photos can be submitted as an entry
● If you are writing an essay or research paper please keep it under 2 pages in 12 pt. font
● Your entry is a depiction of your 4-H experience rather than an exhibit hall entry


Click here to register for any of the Breakout Sessions! Information to access the Breakout will be sent to you after registration.

Contact for Breakout Session access.
               Monday, August 10:
4:00pm  …..Welcome & Opening Ceremony: Join your 2020 Executive Board and 4-H friends to kick off our 2020 Exhibition Week activities.
6:00pm  …..Just for Fun: Join this zoom for interactive games with your 4-H friends and get info on more virtual games you can play all week!
7:00pm  …..Poisonous Plants Seminar: The Sheep Breakout Session will feature a poisonous plants seminar with a focus on ruminants and equine, specifically highlighting plants poisonous to sheep, cattle, goats, and horses. The seminar will be given by a qualified industry professional over Zoom. All interested individuals are invited to attend!
Tuesday, August 11:
4:00pm …..Rabbit Hopping Demonstration: Learn tips and tricks on rabbit hopping in this YouTube demonstration.
5:00pm …..Show Off Your Pet!: Bring your pets to our zoom (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, other) and show them off!  There will be a veterinarian present, asking each participant questions about their pet, (not judging), then participants can ask the vet any questions they have about pet care.  At the end, we will potentially do a fan favorite voting for each species through the chat, (depending on number of participants and amount of time left).
6:00pm …..The NLC 4-H Horse Superintendents will demonstrate  Horse Show activities Chase Me Charlie, Trail, Safety Knot Race, Arena Race, Jumping, and a Water Cup Obstacle Course. 4-H’ers can submit a portfolio or video speech about your horse project or a short horse related demonstration. The demonstration does not need to include a horse. Submit videos to by Aug. 9.
7:00pm …..Premier Judging Workshop: How well can you place the species in Premier Showmanship? A 4-H animal specialist will judge photos of different animals and give their evaluation. Will yours be the same?
Wednesday, August 12:
4:00 pm…..Animal Costume Show: Create a costume for your animal (and you, if you prefer) made from things around your home!  Take a picture of you/ your animal in your costume and email it to by Sunday, Aug. 9th. I will make a picture slideshow and show it during our zoom, then we will do fan favorite voting through the chat. (most funny, most creative, etc.)
5:00pm …..How To Make Exhibit Hall Projects Blue Ribbon Worthy: Interactive Zoom with Maria Weingart. Learn tips and tricks to make the most of your Exhibit Hall submissions and help you better prepare your exhibits, collections, posters, and vegetables. You can ask questions during this workshop to avoid the last minute rush for next year's fair.
6:00pm …..Getting Your Beef Animal Show Worthy: How-to videos by 4-H’ers on washing and blowing your animal and showing that animal in the ring. Submit your own video to  by Aug. 9 with something informational pertaining to cattle. 4-H’ers can also submit a video or photographs highlighting  their own  progression in showing.
Thursday, August 13:
4:00pm  …..Explorers at Home: All 5 and 6 year olds are welcome to join in an interactive Zoom. We will be making some fun things together with surprises from the 4-H office!
5:00pm  …..Virtual Robotics Simulator: For all ages (novice, junior, senior). This Zoom workshop will not require any robotics hardware.  You will only need a computer and access to the Internet to participate.  There will be activities for participants with varying skill levels.  Participants will be able to demonstrate what they have learned during the workshop.
6:00pm …..Lego® EV3 Robotics Lab:  For this Zoom lab, participants will need to provide their own EV3 LEGO Mindstorms robot and computer with access to the Internet.  Participants will demonstrate various design and programming skills with their robot.
7:00pm …..Trivia Night: Join us for fun Trivia for All Ages hosted by Marc Cournoyer, Windham County 4-H Program Coordinator. We will be using the app Quizizz for this activity. You can get this free app for IOS and Android.
Friday, August 14
4:00…..Goats, Vets, and Clipping Clinic: Learn about goat nutrition, focusing on wethers, with Dr. Cara Kneser and videos on trimming hooves and clipping in this zoom presentation.
5:00…..Dairy Cow Project Trivia: Join a fun Zoom Trivia Game and see how well you know your dairy animal facts!
Saturday, August 15
10:00am…..Interactive Dog Workshop
This year our dog show is going to look a little bit different. We’re going to start our breakout by speaking with a showmanship and obedience judge. We’re going to get to know them, they’re going to give us some helpful hints, and will be able to ask questions. We will then move on to learning about what other participants have done with their dog project throughout the year in New London County. For this section we will later ask for a few pictures or a short video about you dog. Don’t worry more information will come out later!! After this we’re going to have a fun Kahoot game to focus on our dog knowledge. We are super excited for you guys to join and we’re gonna have a great time!!
11:00am…..Rabbit Care and Share: For all ages (novice, junior, senior).In this Zoom, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate how they show and care for their rabbits as well as practice rabbit knowledge questions and answers with a group. Owning your own rabbit is not necessary to participate.
2:00pm…..Caring For and Showing Poultry: This is an interactive Zoom meeting for anyone interested in poultry! The meeting will include guided discussions, showmanship demonstrations, trivia, and more! Everyone is welcome to attend, whether they have access to poultry or not.  I recommend anyone without access to a bird to locate a suitable stuffed animal on which to learn the showmanship holds. Those with access to their birds are encouraged to have them present during the meeting!
Sunday, August 16
2:00pm …..Closing Celebration: Grab those 4-H Make Your Own Sundae fixin's or your favorite snack for this spectacular Zoom session. We don't want to give it away, but you just might see your favorite 4-H'ers featured!
     4-H'ers DO NOT need to show their record books to participate in the 2020 Exhibition. It may be your submission entry but they are NOT required this year.

     4-H’ers should have a 4-H activity record (either the regular or alternative records are fine) filled out to the month of July, and at least one 4-H project record in a registered project area. It is not necessary for the 4-H’er to have a project record for each animal/item entered in the Fair.
     The activity record should show (at minimum) goals, rudimentary activities up to July, My 4-H Story, and signatures. The project record should have the goals, activities, and project description/ identification pages filled in.
     Record keeping is a large part of the 4-H program, and the skills the youth learn will serve them well in adulthood. 

     UConn 4-H Explorers (ages 5-7) can also submit video/photo/paper reflections of what they did in 4-H this past year. 

This year's Challenge Grow is to start a plant from trash. Yes! Start a plant from a piece you would normally throw away.

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If you have questions or comments about the 2020 New London County 4-H Exhibition, please contact Pamela Gray at the New London County 4-H office.