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4-H Leader Information

This page is to keep NLC 4-H Leaders up to date on 4-H policies (National 4-H, UConn 4-H, and NLC 4-H), helpful information on managing your club, professional development, and other news that may be useful to you.

CBC Packet for UConn 4-H Leaders, Chaperones, and Assistant Parents (Mandatory Background Check): This background check is now mandatory for all UConn 4-H volunteers who have any type of custodial care responsibilities while participating in a 4-H activity. Custodial care refers to a direct, personal responsibility for one or more youth participating in 4-H (that are not your own child). This includes Leaders, Chaparones, Car Drivers, etc. 
There are guidelines for supervising ratios for adult/youth. Contact the 4-H office if you have a question about how many adults in your club should have the CBC done (roughly figure <12 years old, 1Adult per 5Youth, >12 years old, 1Adult per 10Youth).
This background check will be required by 4-H volunteers every 4 years. While the policy is being instituted, names will be randomly chosen in 2019-2021 to spread out the volume of checks completed in 2018.
Minor Protection Training for 4-H Leaders and Chaperones: this training will become mandatory in the 2019 4-H year. It supercedes the previous Mandated Reporter training offered by UConn and the State of CT DCF. A specific link is provided to UConn 4-H volunteers which is available here and on the UConn 4-H state website.
For more information on how UConn  is promoting a safe and secure environment for minors participating in University-sponsored activities, you can visit the UConn Minor Protection website.

New London County Event Forms Page: all the forms for county-wide events, including Recognition Night, Food Show, Public Speaking, and links to state programs/forms.
The UConn 4-H Annual Summary is completed by the Club Leader and Club Treasurer. It is due to the 4-H office by Sept. 30.
The UConn 4-H Club & Leader Enrollment Form is due to the 4-H office Oct. 1. This document serves as a Code of Conduct for 4-H volunteers, and aslo to document if the club is continuing. If a club does not have Jr. Leaders or Officers, those areas can remain blank.

UConn 4-H Forms Page

UConn 4-H Record Keeping Page