4-H Food Revolution Forms:

Counselor (16+ y/o)
Counselor in Training (14 and 15 y/o)
Food Revolution Participant (7-11 y/o)
S.E.C.T Food Revolution Participant (12 and 13 y/o)

New Record Book Pages for 2019 4-H Fairs

To use fillable pdf first save the blank form to your desktop, then fill out your saved form (as always it's a good idea to periodically save your work along the way)

Fillable pdf
UConn 4-H Yearly Record
UConn 4-H Animal Record
UConn 4-H Non Animal Record

UConn 4-H Yearly Record
UConn 4-H Animal Record
UConn 4-H Non Animal Record

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Tolland County 4-H Forms
2018-2019 Tolland County 4-H Forms
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Tally Sheet
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October 11, 2019 : Deadline: Submit your record book for 4-H Award  and Bev Vrendenburg Award  for October 19, 2019 Awards and Recognition night:

October 11: Deadline For 4-H Club Leaders: End of Year Report- and Club annual enrollment form due to Tolland County 4-H office

2018-2019Tolland County 4-H Forms:

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4-H Food Revolution

2018 Food Revolution Participant (7-11)  registration form

2018 Food Revolution Counselor (ages 16-adult) registration form- Registration is full

2018 Food Revolution Counselor in training ( ages 14-15 ) registration form- Registration is full 

2018 Record Book Materials can be used in 2019 

Every Year: October 1: 4-H On-line enrollement opens 

4-H online new family enrollment instructions
4-H On-line re-inrollment  instructions 

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