Events Calendar

Jan 16- Thankful Thursday Tea and Technology at TAC 5:30-8:30 rolling time "Drop in when you can, leave when you must" RSVP

Jan 21- UConn 4-H Team monthly meeting - The UConn 4-H Professional Team meets together once per month

Jan. 23 - State 4-H Horse Program Advisory Committee, 7:30 pm, Middlesex County Extension Center, Haddam

Jan. 25 - Horsin in Stride Workshops, Middlesex County Extension Center, 10:00 am start

Jan. 26 - 38th Annual MASSACHUSETTS 4-H RABBIT WORKSHOP Registration – 9:00am-9:45am Ends at 3:30pm Smith Vocational High School, 80 Locust Street, Northampton, MA Pre-registration encouraged Information

What's in it for young people?

When you join 4-H, you choose what interests you. Here are some examples of hands-on opportunities:
  • exploring science, the environment and nature
    • 4-H Adventures in STEM
    • 4-H National Youth Science Day
    • 4-H FIRST robotics 
  • starting community service projects 
  • developing photography or public speaking skills
  • learning workforce, business and entrepreneurial management
  • caring for animals
You meet new friends, solve problems and make a difference in your neighborhood or even in the world. Click here to learn how you can join Tolland County 4-H.



Adults like it, too!

Our adult 4-H volunteers enjoy working with young people. They learn positive youth/adult partnership stratigies to help young people reach their full potential. Let us help you match your talents and the time you can contribute to a rewarding experience. We offer content and context volunteer roles in area including but not limited to:
  • one day events: ex: Adventures in STEM; Expressive Arts Day or Dairy Beef Day 
  • short-term projects with national curricula: Click here to view samples of our curriculum at the 4-H mall
  • on-going group activities: Afterschool programs and camps
  • committee membership: Advisory and Working groups
  • club leader: Start and run a club  
You’ll get plenty of training and support from the UConn Extension Staff and recognition, too. You will  learn new skills and sharpen existing ones while seeing our 4-H youth grow through positive youth development. Click here for a 4-H Becoming a Volunteer

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Everyone benefits

According to research by Tufts University, 4-H youth are 25% more likely to contribute to their families, themselves and their communities, and 41% less likely to engage in risky/problem behavior. Make the Best Better.

“Within weeks of joining 4-H I became a different child,” Dr. Jeff Howard says proudly.  Previously an ostracized introvert who had trouble fitting in, Jeff found 4-H to be “the most nurturing, welcoming environment I had ever been in. That, and experiences since then have driven me to be an advocate for how 4-H can play a key role in nurturing all children” regardless of race, creed, background or sexual orientation. Click here for more of the story in News

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