News & Events

4-H Teen Leadership Event - March 2 - 8:45 AM - 3 PM UConn Campus Storrs, CT

4-H Fair Association Meeting - March 5 - 6:30 PM - Windham County Extension Center

State Public Speaking Finals - March 9 - UConn Campus Storrs, CT

State 4-H Dairy & Beef Day - March 16 - UConn Campus, Storrs, CT

Saturday Science 4-H Club - March 16 - 10 -11:30 AM - Windham County Extension Center

State 4-H Expressive Arts Day - March 23 - Eversource, Berlin, CT

UConn 4-H Sheep Day - March 30 - UConn Campus, Storrs, CT





The Windham County 4-H Fair is the last weekend in July at the Brooklyn Fairgrounds on Rt. 169 in Brooklyn, CT.  The fair is an opportunity for 4-Hers to come together to showcase animal related and other types of projects they have worked on throughout the year.  4-Hers compete in assorted competitive events receiving ribbons, trophies and other prizes for their efforts. A copy of the Fairbook will be available!

The fair is organized by a team of 4-H youth and adult advisors who do everything from sell advertisement space to oversee all the weekend's various events and activities.  All 4-H members from Windham County are invited and encouraged to participate in the fair and Windham County Fair Association.  The Fair Association meets once per month at 6:30 at the Windham County Extension Center in Brooklyn, CT. Nominations for the dedication of the fairbook will be accepted and will be due at the March Fair Association meeting!

We are always looking for community partners, vendors, entertainers and others who would be interested in helping to make the fair a wholesome, enjoyable event for the whole family.  Call Marc Cournoyer; 860-774-9600 or email for more information.

Working Steers - 4H Club