4-H Volunteer Training and Resources

Training and Recognition

Training is conducted at local, state and regional levels. New 4-H volunteers receive a general orientation, and depending on each local 4-H office, meetings will be held several times a year to help new leaders. The Connecticut 4-H Volunteer Conference is held every other year at the state level, and there is a regional 4-H volunteer forum.

Just as we recognize the efforts of youth, the UConn 4-H Program recognizes and acknowledges its volunteers for their efforts at the local, state and national level.

Getting Started

  • Decide that you want to volunteer with youth.
  • Contact your local 4-H Educator to discuss your interests and time commitments click here for local 4-H contacts.
  • Complete and return the Connecticut Volunteer Application.
  • Upon submission of the volunteer application, references will be contacted and a background check will be conducted by the UConn Human Resources Department. 
  • Once approved as a 4-H volunteer, you will receive an orientation about 4-H and being an effective volunteer.
  • Begin your journey as a 4-H volunteer helping youth to Make the Best Better.


  • Becoming a Volunteer of Record with UConn Extension 4-H
  • 4-H Volunteer Handbook
  • University of Connecticut Background Check Form - The 4-H volunteer screening process is now completed online. Please check with your local 4-H educator about the process.  Please do not send completed forms to UConn. 
  • CT 4-H Enrollment Form
  • Health Form
  • Instructions to Access UConn Minor Protection Training - Z Suite Enrollment System Coming Soon.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops for Adults

These workshops are open to any interested adults- volunteers, 4-H leaders, parents, and community members. Opportunity to register will continue through the year. Each presentation is 20-30 minutes long, followed by 10-20 minutes discussion time (so the workshop is done in 40 minutes!).
Click on the Register Here link to register. The Zoom login will be emailed to you, along with any handouts that accompany workshops.

What about Me? Protecting Your Body, Mind, and Well-Being in 2020/2021, December 8, presented by Allison Behnke, MSW, MA, Integrative Health Coach.  Alli is a social worker, nutrition and health coach, and personal trainer with an extensive back ground in mental health. She works with adults to find their bio-individual balance and achieve goals with nutrition, health, wellness, and lifestyle.
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Photography, January 12, Rachael Trowbridge, UConn 4-H member.  Learn about composition and analyzing photos, and basics about DSLR cameras if desired.  Register Here

Parliamentary Procedures in Real Life, February 9, Emily Alger, UConn 4-H. How to use and teach ‘Parli-Pro’ in 4-H and community meetings.
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Re-engaging Youth in 4-H Programs, March 9, Emily Alger and Pam Gray, UConn 4-H.  Kids disconnect from 4-H for many reasons- a real concern after extended virtual programming. Here’s a look at why they disconnect and how to reconnect.
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4-H SPIN Clubs, April 13, Pam Gray, UConn 4-H What is a SPIN (SPecial INterest) Club? These 4-H clubs are usually short term (6-8 sessions) and focused on one topic/project area. Find out more about 4-H SPIN Clubs and how they fit into 4-H.
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Nourishing Herbal Infusions and Fermenting Vegetables, May 11, Emily Allard, UConn 4-H Leader. Using nature’s bounty to prepare infusions, and using fermentation as food preservation.
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